The Java Community Process (JCP) machinery has started cranking on Java EE again, a little over a year after Java EE 7 was released.  The goal is to create the next major version of Java Enterprise Edition. Meet Java EE 8 and JSR 366! This release is going to build upon the highly successful previous […]

Ever since I heard Java 8 is going to support lambda expressions (aka closures), I was very enthusiastic to spice my code with such a decent and concise functional element. Most developers extensively use Anonymous Inner Classes for event handlers, comparators, basic thread/runnable implementations, etc. and overburden the logic with unnecessary scaffolding, even a very […]

Java 8 launched today and it’s a groundbreaking release since Java 1.2. Although Java 5 brings big features but Java 8, as a whole, is really an enormous step for the Java language and platform. Java 8 is the first truly revolutionary release we’ve done in a very long time – Mark Reinhold, Chief Architect […]

Introduction Groovy is another language for Java Virtual Machine. It’s built on Java, seamlessly integrates with existing Java classes, and compiles to byte code. It’s Object-Oriented (even more where numbers are also objects), and supports the same programming model as Java. However, it’s also a dynamic language with additional powers like scripting and DSL. It reduces scaffolding […]

Introduction In the last post we lean very basic concepts from groovy. We also map an example from java to groovy code and then a very simple script. We have also learned that classes are defined in Groovy similarly to Java. Each class in Groovy is a Java class at the bytecode / JVM level. Any […]

JS based Grid comparison – Matrix   jqGrid SmartClient dojo ZK YUI DHX EditableGrid                 Feature Cell Editing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Row Editing Yes Yes Yes Yes Textbox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Checkbox Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Combo Yes […]

Please follow these steps to configure bitbucket repository in xcode Opens xcode and use option ‘connect to a repository’ Specify following location, i didn’t use username as in repository url in bitbucket specify the name as ‘project’ and ‘git’ as type and press clone specify folder name and location to clone the repo and […]

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